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Kawinan 4.2

Not quite long, I have guts to call myself a writer.  That’s why I rewrite this “about me” part and put my simple portfolio.  Btw, I graduate from Forestry Faculty Mulawarman University in East Kalimantan, and have 10 years experience as sales & marketing in IT Company.  Last 4 years I have decided resign from IT Company and focus in writing. Not easy step though, there are many times I thought I took wrong choice.

I like to write about indigenous people of Indonesia, Biography, film and TV series screenplay and other, so if you need to write some, please contact me.

Mery DT

Mobile #           :  0815 920 7495

Email                :  merydt@gmail.com

Blog                 :  www.apaja.wordpress.com

Facebook         :  https://www.facebook.com/mery.tampubolon

Twitter             :  @zevanya

Hometown       :  Jakarta, Indonesia

Here my simple portfolio:



  1. A.     Fiction
  1. Novel  “Love You Till The End” in 2009

The story about two women, best friend, and finally found themselves fall in love for each other, but ended in separation because of fears for the judgment of the community, family and friends over their forbidden love

This novel has sold out, and quite often asked about republish.

2.  Novel “ANYA – Dunia Paralel / Anya – The Parallel Universe” in 2013

The story about the adventures of a teen girl who have ability to communicate with ghosts, and she help them to deliver their “last message” to people that they loved during life.  You can find this novel in Gramedia book store or order to me.

3.       Novel “Mariage Blanc” by self publisher, 2014

This book tells the story of Kinan, a gay girl, an only child who lived in Paris for 8 years and had to come home to meet her parent’s request.  She trapped between dedicated to parent’s longing and her desire to live with her girlfriend.  Her parents were very conservative and did not agreeing gay way of life, and they do not know if their only daughter was gay.


  1. Book of “The Changing Forests and Food Systems of the Punan Adiu Village” in 2013.

A book about the light observations regarding the changes of consumption patterns of The Dayak Punan in Malinau North Borneo due to consequence of in contact with the world outside their tribe. This book is ordered by a NGO as their presentation materials at the FAO World Food Convention, in Rome on May 2013 ago.

2.  The Woman, Simpukng We & Traditional Craft book tells about the role of Dayak Benuaq women at Pepas Eheng the District of West Barat, East Kalimantan in cultivating rattan in preserving the craft of woven rattan for daily used and for sale.  The rattan craft that is able to provide economic benefits will become motivation for Eheng people to maintain and preserve the simpukng we (rattan gardens).

3.  The book  “We will not fall a second time,” contains the struggle of the Dayak Ngaju of Central Kalimantan who had fallen and suffered from the PLD (Peat Land Development) Project.  They tried to get up by means rehabilitating the critical lands so that forests and peats may recover and work like the first time. Maintaining the rattan gardens as the source of woven mats (lampit) raw materials which became their mainstay handicrafts is another struggle which often have to intersect with the palm oil companies that depriving their land.

4.  “From nature the women weave the life”, this book tells the story about the way of life Dayak Bidayuh in Sanggau West Kalimantan in using forest products, that is take it sufficiently and not having damaging the environment because for them the forest is HOME. They are also having the beautiful handicrafts such as Jerai, Jongkau, Juah, Korit, etc.  Preserving of the culture and handicrafts in the middle of modern life become a challenge for them beside shortages of the raw material because lessen land for rattan to grow caused numerous of lands converted into oil palm plantations.

5.  “When Nature Colors Us is a book that tells the story of Dayak Desa women in Sintang, West Borneo, who weave traditional cloth (Tenun ikat) using natural colorant from various plants. They also cultivate  raw material used for dyes. Tenun Ikat (string, one of weaving techniques) became their mainstay as naturally dyed craft was in great demand by other people and became a regular source of their families’ income.  The biggest challenge they face today is the declining interest of young people in weaving so it is feared that weave ikat culture may disappear someday.

6.  “The Women, Weaving & Cultural Preservation” is a book which tells the story of the passion of the Dayak Iban women in West Kalimantan in making beautiful Bemban (water reed) mats, because for them, weaving bemban mats is both artistic work and spiritual journey.  Also tells the story of their struggle to preserve traditional woven handicrafts and challenges in the regeneration of women weavers and the natural conditions is very affecting the supply of raw materials.

SHORT STORY published by Media Indonesia:

1.  Sepercik Bara Asmara di Twitter, published at Media Indonesia portal on 30 January 2013: http://www.indonesiamedia.com/2013/01/30/sepercik-bara-asmara-di-twitter/

2.  Kemenangan Manis, published at Media Indonesia portal on 8 February 2013 http://www.indonesiamedia.com/2013/02/08/kemenangan-manis/

I also have several scripts;

They don’t filming yet.

1.      Love you till the end (movie)

The story based on the novel

2.      Kejar Setoran (Movie)

Adis, a successful woman, 32-year-old career but not married yet. She panic because her sister will get married soon, then she did a series of blind date, but no one can make her falling in love.  Eventually she fall in love with her best friend, Binyo, who has principle; not be married for life.  Will Binyo changes his principle toward Adis?

Adis, berumur 32 tahun sukses dalam karir tapi belum menikah. Dia panik karena adiknya akan menikah segera, kemudian melakukan serangkaian blind date.  Tapi akhirnya dia jatuh cinta pada sahabatnya, Binyo, yang berprinsif tidak akan menikah seumur hidup.

3.      My life (TV series, 13 episodes)

This is screenplay for tv serial, describe about friendship of 7 students and a racing car woman, with their respective life issues and diverse sexual orientation.

Persahabatan 7 orang mahasiswa dan seorang pereli wanita,  dengan masalah hidup masing-masing dan orientasi seksual yang beragam (heteroseksual & Homosexual)


Writing the second book of ANYA the serial, other novels and hunting writing job J


8 Responses to About Me

  1. lanjut mer…………….


  2. Johanannvit says:

    Salam kenal mba Meri, orang samarinda ya? Unmul? Hehe, saya suka bca tulisan mba, motivatif sekali… sekali2 cerita dong mba soal kalimantan


    • Mery DT says:

      Salam kenal Johanannvit. Iya aku alumni Unmul. Terima kasih telah membaca tulisan2 di blog ini. i do appreciate it. Kapan2 aku akan tulis tentang Kalimantan deh. 🙂


  3. Dodo says:

    Wawasanya luas, saya suka Blog anda begitu luas ide pikiran dan santai dalam pembahasanya. apa lagi semuanya dekat dengan sekitar kita.
    Waiting for ur next article. Salam…


  4. lanjutannya anya kapan terbitnya kakak


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