Sudah Selesai

Lonely girl_04

Dapat kudengar langkahnya mendekat

Semakin dekat

Bisa kuendus kedatangannya

Dan sungguh kurasakan

Tak perlu kupastikan itu

Momok itu sudah menjadi bagianku

Satu tarikan nafas, kusembunyikan nyeri itu

Mencoba berdamai dengan jiwaku

Menyingkirkan ketakutan

Tak kuharap hari yang panjang

Hanya sebongkah batu

Anggur asam itu cukup membasahi bibir

Sudah selesai

Jakarta, 25 Oktober 2013

Mery DT


About Mery DT

Since January 2018 I can't manage this blog because Ministry of Communication and Informatics of Republic Indonesia has banned this blog. I use 3 (three) as internet connection provider, and it doesn't allow me to visit my sites. I knew, it must be related with my content of blog, especially advocation for sexual orientation. F*ck Indonesian free speech or free writing or free of thoughts. I only can open this blog until my stat page. I see several visitor from Indonesia in my stat. So I have to find out what provider that they use so I can continue to manage this site.
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