Aku kembali

tulipsSetelah sekian lama, aku tengok lagi blogku yang satu ini. Sungguh menyedihkan kondisinya. Baru lahir tapi sudah tersegal-segal. Mati enggak hidup juga enggak. Padahal dulu niatnya akan rajin nulis apa saja yang dihadapi sehari-hari. Makanya blog ini ku kasi nama “apaaja”.

Sekali lagi gw bikin komitmen untuk mengisi blog sesering mungkin.



About Mery DT

Since January 2018 I can't manage this blog because Ministry of Communication and Informatics of Republic Indonesia has banned this blog. I am using Three Network as internet connection provider, and it doesn't allow me to visit my sites. I knew, it must be related with my content of blog, especially advocation for sexual orientation. F*ck Indonesian free speech or free writing or free of thoughts. I only can open this blog until my stat page. I see several visitor from Indonesia in my stat. So I have to find out what provider that they use so I can continue to manage this site.
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